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Daddy University, Inc. is a Male Parenting Education Company.  Our focus is to use education and information to assist all men who are raising children. Our mission is to educate, advocate and support all fathers and father figures. We are here to decrease the barriers to positive parenting.


In 1992, my first child was born. My second and third were born in 1993 and 1996. In 1997 we received a letter from the hospital inviting my oldest son to a Big Brother/Big Sister class where they had been born. It seemed like a pretty cool event, so I decided to take my son and hang out in class. During the class they taught these 4, 5, 6 and 7 yr old children how to change a diaper, use equipment, what powder was for and really to be helpful to Mom and Dad.


A strange thing occurred as they were teaching the toddlers, I began to take notes.  I was the leader of my household, the breadwinner, the lion in charge of the pack, yet I was now the most ignorant in the family when it came to infant care. Why didn’t they have a class for dads? Why did they teach their mother about nutrition, juggling and nurturing and not me?


I came up with the idea of Daddy University in 1997, after digging through the internet for better ways to care for my children, I found most of the information needed on maternity sites.  I formed DU, because I told my friends about what I learned, how fathers help children read better, that we were more than bread winners, we helped children grow, learn and become better and found out quickly they didn't know. I was in a new world and so were they.  My first thought was to figure out a way to educate the world. Then I met my partner Edward McGee, told him my big idea and plans and he said, “Let’s do it”.


Over a decade later here we are answering the question, Who We Are? We are fathers, men, husbands, big kids, spouses, significant others, partners, dads, and grands who believe that the most important gift we could give all children was the most educated fathers in the world.

Our hopes and dreams could not have come true if it were not for many friends, family members and supportive organizations. We thank the colleagues and friends who have carried us through all stages of success.


Joel Austin, President/CEO


Daddy University, Inc.



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