Daddy University currently operates 4 (four) Fatherhood classes; Fathers Clubs in the city of Philadelphia, along with the Annual National Fatherhood Conference, the Annual Daddy Daughter Dance, Social services trainings and the non-profit, School of Parent Education. The Fathers Club: The Fathers Club is a holistic approach to fatherhood groups. Our program runs for eight months out of the year with strong participation, and changing subject matter. We combine a certified fatherhood curriculum with group discussion to reduce barriers to positive parenting. We address the authentic experiences and challenges of fathers through group discussions that provide support, information and motivation in areas of parenthood, relationships, discipline, legal issues, co-parenting, and responsible fatherhood. The Annual National Fatherhood Conference Fathers Conference - Hundreds of males converge onto the School District of Philadelphia Building, at 440 North Broad Street for the National Fatherhood Conference. This event runs from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. and provides a national forum for learning and resources centered on educating male parents, figures, care-givers and mentors. The agenda attracts a truly dynamic and diverse audience from over 7 states (more are welcome) and showcases over 40 resources, social service agency vendors, diverse workshop tracks and a TON of free information. The Annual Daddy Daughter Dance Daddy Daughter Dance - Hundreds of men and ladies of all ages converge onto the dance floor for a magical evening of fun and bonding. Join us for music, entertainment, created for princesses and kings. This evening transforms each girl/woman into the princess she was meant to be, as she spends a magical evening with her “first” love! It is a night that we have witnessed change the lives of both dad and daughter and which creates memories for a lifetime! Consulting In alliance with corporate and organizational partners, Daddy University Inc. offers integrated consulting services and training options designed to improve staff morale, increase male involvement and engagement as well as to promote awareness of the role that positive male figures play in the family dynamic. Services assist organizations and corporations in improving customer service initiatives, meeting key goals, boosting marketing and outreach efforts, training staff, and conducting strategic planning. Social Services Collaboration Daddy University, Inc. serves as a global leader in male parenting education, by providing a wide-range of informational resources, tools and services to profoundly impact the family dynamic. Daddy University, offers professional educational services to organizations, federal/state agencies, corporations, communities, service members, family members, and service providers that assist in positive male engagement. We provide training, program management, workshops and male development education with practical application offering immediate results aligned with strategic goals. Contact Us today. 
 Male Engagement - Daddy University re-educates fathers about their role in the family dynamics and how their constant presence positively impacts their children, families and communities in various ways including in the promotion of healthy relationships, parental engagement, involvement and raising “successful” children. Social Services Agencies – Daddy University offers male parenting education and customized trainings to local and national support agencies that support families. Daddy University offers trainings that are designed with a multi-method approach to family advocates and supporters in order to enhance familial cohesiveness. Educational Institutions Trainings - Daddy University offers workshops, classes, and resources related to supporting positive parenting and education at all stages of child rearin Parental Groups - Daddy University provides a platform and educational forum utilizing evidence based data to guide child rearing fathers and male father figures toward successfully raising children. Workshops – Daddy University offers parenting workshops for community organizations in an effort to address the need to increase the confidence and effectiveness of parents. These workshop address creating a legacy of consistent and positive for parenting as well as provide access to family resources.

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